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Pillow Of Winds

A Pillow of Winds, summons a dreamlike state of shadowy images, cloudy visions and disjointed themes in a swirl of somnolent haze.  It is a state between sleep and awake; that place where events, images and thoughts often drift without logic, sequence, or order.  Memories and scenes bubble up from our deepest sub-conscious and shed light on our fears and insecurities.  Slowly we open our eyes and see the world around us and the intangible state of the dream opens into the physical world werecognize. Comfort returns as we leave the underworld for another time.  Dreams reveal our fears and secrets, uncovering that which our psyche allows only in private. This is the landscape of Neptune. Neptune harbors the realm of illusion, delusion, dreams, and the sub-conscious. Use this place to uncover your potential.  In that weave of disjointed images lies the truth.  The truth comes from our purest, most secret vault ~ the mind.
Living is easy with eyes closed,
misunderstanding all you see.
“Strawberry Fields Forever”

MANDALAS – Spirit In Art by Chris Flisher
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