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We all have potential. However, you cannot count on potential since it is an intangible quality.  The realization comes when potential turns into action or
forward motion. The gap between what is real and what is possible can be either large or small. We all see potential in others but how do we bring that potential to light? What is the driving force behind the potential? It has to be free will. Free will is the ability to act on an idea, a concept, an emotion, a movement. Within that gap lies the seed of genius and accomplishment. We’ve heard the expression “untapped potential” and understand it to brim with possibility. What turns potential to progress? Will. Will is the act of doing; it embodies persistence, perseverance, and action. Potential is nothing if it sits frozen in place. Mars is the planet in astrology that defines action and motivation. Find Mars in the chart and you will motivation and potential. Trigger that and you have results.

MANDALAS – Spirit In Art by Chris Flisher
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