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The calmness that comes with acceptance is life-giving and liberating.  Samadhi is the Sanskrit word for meditation and reflection.  Pause, reflect, breathe, and renew.  All of these actions give birth to newness, freshness, and serenity.  Unfolding of the truth is truly a freedom gift of the highest order.  When we let go and resist clinging to that which does not serve us we are free to expand and evolve in new ways.  This is truly the journey of the soul.  This is our soul's purpose.  Ego and ambition often blind us.  It is not until we open and surrender that we arrive, unscathed and reborn. Simplicity holds the key to eternal happiness. In its purest form this basic concept removes the trappings of material clinging and desire.

MANDALAS – Spirit In Art by Chris Flisher
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