Ninth Harmonic Mandala by Chris Flisher


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Patience, compassion, grace, tolerance, gratitude, humility, laughter, humor. They are just words, but what images and feelings do they emote? Think long and hard about each word. They bring some heavy images no matter how they are spoken. Round and round we go, in a swirl of misplaced passion.  If passion and motive were well-guided where might we be today? Perhaps much farther along that we are.  People argue, “They are just words.” Still, beneath each word lies the emotion; the kernel of what it means to be human. At our core we are basic and share so much in common. Why is co-existence such a difficult concept?  Like a record or a compact disc, the mandala spins in eternity spitting out the words as they pass by. Do they stick to people, or do they simply flail in the atmosphere only to be lost on the fleeting winds of human emotion?
Words have weight. Carry them wisely


MANDALAS – Spirit In Art by Chris Flisher
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