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You 'da Buddha

Once the Buddha achieved nirvana, he wanted to spread his message. He realized that true peace comes with acceptance and embracing the inevitable. To place yourself in the midst of the painful swirl of life is to be fully present. The more we live with our pain the more we become familiar; the more we accept. Disappointment only comes when we expect perfection. Unfulfilled expectations simply manifest eternal unhappiness.
It is what it is.

Blues is Buddha
You got your Bodhisattvas and your Dharma way,
But the blues is Buddha, clear as day.
All that suffering, pain and
I accept life as it comes to me.

Got no choice in the matter; I pay it no mind.
You do yours and I’ll do mine
The Blues is Buddha hard as steel
No sense running from what is real


MANDALAS – Spirit In Art by Chris Flisher
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