2020~Saturn conjunct Pluto

Saturn is the planet that represents responsibility and duty, whereas Pluto delivers deconstruction and rebirth.  When these two form a conjunction in 2020 they will deliver a new vision of the world.  Knowing this allows us to prepare and use the potential to further our purpose in a much more effective and responsible manner, rather […]

It’s About Time

We are so used to the idea of time that we hardly ever stop to think about where it comes from.  What is it?  How do we explain it?  It’s here and then it’s gone.  Is all of time captured in the last second that just flew by?  How do we explain this immensely  complex […]


In this segment, your host Chris Flisher discusses the underlying principles behind the practice of Vedic astrology.  Different in many ways from Western astrology, Vedic principles are rooted in prediction and precision.  Annand is a master astrologer delving in both Western and Vedic practices and is well versed in both subjects.  He is an accomplished […]

The Geometry of Astrology

The very basis of astrology springs from the logic of geometry.  To begin with we have a 360 degree circle which when divided up reveals 12, 30 degree sections for each sign.  This logic and construct continues on through the difficult angles such as squares at 90 degrees or oppositions at 180 degrees on into […]

Planetary Vibrational Medicine

Everything has a vibrational quality to it.  The frequencies vary, but the concept is the same.  The planets operate at a distinct frequency and that vibration has a direct impact on us.  When we are in tune with our astrological profile we “hum.”  Join your host Chris Flisher as he speaks with MichelAngelo an astrologer […]

Our Mother Who Art The Moon

Perhaps the single most important member of our astrological portfolio is the Moon.  The Moon represents our maternal needs and our emotions.  Since we experience our moods through the different manifestations of the signs, the Moon plays a huge role in how we respond to others and how we cope emotionally.  Since it is maternal that […]

The Astrology of Aging

One of the great characteristics of astrology is its ability to roll out where we have been and where we are headed.  Seeing the precise timing involved with each of our unique charts offers insights into how best to move forward.  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this topic with astrologer and author […]

The Fantastic And Forgotten

Learn about classic tales of the past as some of the world’s greatest authors who have written about the dark side of life.  Mysterious, compelling, and bizarre, these stories are a compendium of intrigue.  These timeless tales will chill and thrill readers who delve into the pages of this fabulous book edited and compiled by […]

The Answer to Everything

Quantum physics is not only the future of science but also the key to understanding consciousness, God, psychology, death, and the meaning of life.  This bold statement comes from author Amit Goswami.  A theoretical nuclear physicist, Goswami claims that everything can be explained by the premise of quantum physics and the basic core foundations of […]

Information Overload

The presence of information is taking over our lives, capturing our attention and preventing us from being human.  What is this phenomena all about?  Are we able to comb through what is real versus what is fake?  How do we discern what to watch and read and learn?  Join your host, Chris Flisher and author […]