2017 ~ The Numerology Outlook

Numerology shares many of the same attributes as astrology.  Based on the birth date and the letters of the name, numerology offers a composite profile of the attributes of an individual or an entity.  Like astrology, numerology offer insights into the shape of the year to come.  In this segment, host, Chris Flisher speaks with numerologist, Micheal […]

2017 Eclipses

The coming year presents the United Sates with an unusual and powerful set of Eclipses, one of which is being called “The Great American Eclipse.”  In this segment, host, Chris Flisher discusses the coming eclipses with astrologer Agneta Borstein.  The eclipse that occurs on August 21 will be visible in large areas of the U.S. […]

The End of the Year As We Know It

What a wild ride this year has been.  We have suffered an enormous shift in our power structure that may ripple across our social landscape for decades to come.  Is this what we expected?  How do we mitigate the damage?  Where do we go from here?  How to we cope?  All of these and other […]

Election Debriefing

Now that the vote has been cast and we are witnessing a slow political march in the opposite direction, we pause to reflect what happened in this most unusual election cycle.  Why were the predictions so egregiously wrong?  Why did we not see this coming?  Why were the polls so ambiguous?  These and many more questions arise […]


Maxwell Maltz was a pioneer in the self-help market with his revolutionary book, “Psycho-Cybernetics.”  Written in 1960, this book was a true trail-blazer to a generational audience of reflective people who were looking for alternate methods for coping with low self-image.  As a world-renowned plastic surgeon, Maltz’s patients were always working on their exterior which […]

Madame Blavatsky

Back in the mid 1800s, a strange woman with a thick Russian accent and a head full of wild esoteric ideas, formed a new movement dedicated to the forward evolution of the occult.  Although not considered a cultist per se, her work blended Eastern religion, mysticism, psychic channeling, and other controversial topics into a bold […]

Neptune ~ Friend or Foe?

We have been under the gaze of a retrograde Neptune for the past six months.  During that time the attributes that best identify Neptune have been upon us in full force.  Neptune is regarded as the planet of confusion, delusion, and illusion.  Neptune obscures all that it encounters.  On the collective level we have all […]

Now What?

As we glance back over the current election many of us are dumbfounded by the outcome.  An upset that appeared out of nowhere has many of us pondering our future, our options, and our personal safety.  What do we do now?  Join, host Chris Flisher as he speaks with old friend and colleague, Tad Mann […]

Circles In The Crops

For centuries humankind has been mystified by the presence of uniquely symmetrical geometric designs etched out in crops. Are they a natural phenomena? Are they the work of a hoax? Why don’t they get more publicity? Join host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this most unusual natural event with Peter Tadd.

Do You Know, Juno?

Juno is one of the asteroids that circles the earth in a belt of other asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter.  We all have them in our astrology charts, but do you understand the significance of this one?  Juno represents the karmic connection you long for in this lifetime.  Whether we are aware of it […]