The Fantastic And Forgotten

Learn about classic tales of the past as some of the world’s greatest authors who have written about the dark side of life.  Mysterious, compelling, and bizarre, these stories are a compendium of intrigue.  These timeless tales will chill and thrill readers who delve into the pages of this fabulous book edited and compiled by […]

The Answer to Everything

Quantum physics is not only the future of science but also the key to understanding consciousness, God, psychology, death, and the meaning of life.  This bold statement comes from author Amit Goswami.  A theoretical nuclear physicist, Goswami claims that everything can be explained by the premise of quantum physics and the basic core foundations of […]

Information Overload

The presence of information is taking over our lives, capturing our attention and preventing us from being human.  What is this phenomena all about?  Are we able to comb through what is real versus what is fake?  How do we discern what to watch and read and learn?  Join your host, Chris Flisher and author […]

The Logic of Astrology

Astrology is an ancient divination tool that delivers remarkable accuracy and detail about each and everyone of us.  As Carl Jung once described, “New are like grapes on the vine born at a distinct place and time with unique characteristics” (paraphrase).  The simple fact that so much can be learned about oneself based on the […]

Challenging Aspects

We are witnessing some challenging aspects astrologically as Mars (aggression) conjuncts Uranus (rebellion) and opposes Jupiter (amplification) right at the moment of a solar eclipse.  This is a powerful combination of influences that lays the groundwork for a rather dramatic period.  In this segment, host Chris Flisher speaks with astrologer Kate Petty about this ominous […]

Sacred Landscapes

“As long as there have been human beings, there have been sacred landscapes–places where the natural world compels us to contemplate great myths and mysteries and open our senses to experience the transcendent.”  In this compelling episode, your host, Chris Flisher speaks with A.T. Mann co-author of “Sacred Landscapes.”  Mann is a world-renowned astrologer, artist, […]

Reconsiderations ~ Venus Retrograde

Venus will go retrograde on March 4th until April 15th.  During that time Venus will move backwards into Pisces and remain in Aries for almost 4 months total by the time all is said and done.  As with any retrograde of a planet, the primary focus may be on the archetypal characteristics that the planet […]

The E Word with Cate Montana

The ego is not who we are.  It’s a mental program, like a computer code, enabling us to function in the world–a sensory code giving us the illusion of individuality–an utterly false “reality” similar to what’s presented in the movie The Matrix.  When top network TV editor, Cate Montana woke up to the fact that […]

A Taste of Astrology

Does a Taurus like food more than a Gemini?  Do Capricorns imbibe more than an Aquarius?  And, if so, what foods do the signs prefer?  These and many other topics are the subject of this interesting take on astrology and food.  Join host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this unique angle on astrology with author […]

Sensitive Degrees with Ronnie Dreyer

The coming months present us with a series of close astrological degrees.  The presence of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all in the middle to late degrees of cardinal signs may present an opportunity for anyone willing to step in and harness that power.  The same holds true for the coming eclipse season in middle to […]