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"Turning Of The Wheel" Radio Archives Continued

Turning Of The Wheel radio archives from the year 2012 ~ Chris Flisher

Turning of the Wheel with Chris Flisher

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"Madame Blavatsky with Gary Lachman" 12/29/2012
"He Says/She Says ~Looking Backwards/Looking Forwards" 12/22/2012
"Show Me The Numbers with Michael Fierro" 12/15/2012
"The Sacred Language of Trees with A.T. Mann" 12/08/2012
"World Turning with Erin Sullivan" 12/01/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ Mars and Pluto" 11/24/2012
"Can't Buy Me Love ~ The Astrology of an Election" 11/17/2012
"The Illusion of Reality with Alan Steinfeld" 11/10/2012
"Us vs. Me" 11/03/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ In A Bind(er)" 10/27/2012
"Circles In The Crops with Patty Greer" 10/20/2012
"Faith Beyond Belief" 10/13/2012
"Saturn in Scorpio" 10/6/2012
"Important ~ Full Moon in Aries" 9/29/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ Proximity" 9/22/2012
"New Realities with Alan Steinfeld" 9/15/2012
"C.I.A. ~ Cosmic Intelligence Agency" 9/8/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ The Rights Of The Right" 8/25/2012
"The Peaceful Warrior ~ Tai Chi" 8/18/2012
"Accountability In Action ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn" 8/11/2012
"The Cosmic Gyroscope" 8/4/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ Wrath"
"Heavy Skies" 7/21/2012
"New Rules" ~ with Eric Francis 7/14/2012
"The Spark Arrives" 6/30/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ Guilt" 6/23/2012
"Why Mars Matters" 6/16/2012
"Uranus Square Pluto" 6/9/2012
"Full Moon Lunar Eclipse" 6/2/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ LUST" 5/26/2012
"Venus Retrograde" 5/19/2012
"Taking the Long View" with Tad Mann 5/12/2012
"One Is The Loneliest Number" with Michael Fierro 5/5/2012
"He Says/She Says with Debra Clement ~ "Incompatible" 4/28/2012
"A New Moon ~ An Earth Day" 4/21/2012
"A Night To Remember ~ The Astrology of the Titanic" with Eileen Grimes 4/14/2012
"Sign Language with Marguerite Manning" 4/7/2012
"Happy Birthday March 32nd" 3/31/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ Prescriptions With Restrictions" 3/24/2012
"It All Adds Up with Michael Fierro" 3/17/2012
"You Are So Retro" with Sharita Star 3/10/2012
"Revolutionary Dialog" 3/3/2012
"He Says/She Says ~ Sometimes It Works!" 2/25/2012
"The Expansive Spirit" 2/18/2012
"Love In The Air?" 2/11/2012
"The New Epoch" 2/4/2012
"Peering Into the Future with Mahala" 1/28/2012 (2nd hour)
"He Says / She Says ~ Fated Love" 1/28/2012 (1st hour)
"2012 Financial Outlook with Mahendra Sharma" 1/21/2012 (2nd hour)
"Moon Conjunct Pluto" 1/21/2012 (1st hour)
"Mars Opposes Venus with Michele Avanti" 1/14/2012 (2nd hour)
"Hurry Up and Stop" 1/14/2012 (1st hour)
"What's In A Number with Michael Fierro" 1/7/2012 (2nd hour)
"Conjunction Junction" 1/7/2012 (1st hour)


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